Why is preparation so important? 

Are you worried about cracks in the walls or ceilings in your home? 
Question: Is it normal for a house to have cracks? 
Answer: Cracks on the ceilings, walls, or woodwork are very common in most homes both old and new. This is known as settlement and is normally caused by new materials drying out or variations in humidity on older properties. 
We are happy to discuss cracks and how to prepare them in any room and will do this as we look around your home. 


Key elements: 
Ensuring the work areas are protected and kept clean 
Preparing the walls and ceilings ahead of decoration 
As the saying goes, ‘If you Fail to Plan, you are Planning to Fail’ and hence it is so important that the preparation is thorough and the right procedure is carried out. 
As professional decorators, Infinity Home Solutions do the following: 
Floor areas are covered, including all walk throughs to the room to be decorated. Using Plastic adhesive floor covers and dust sheets 
Furniture is covered 
Working on a skirting board or picture rail, tuck masking tape around the edge of the carpet or flooring. 
Stripped wallpaper and waste is packed into rubble sacks and legally disposed of 
All ceiling, walls and woodwork surfaces are prepared using a Mirka sander with a powerful dust extractor. This prevents any dust circulating in the air. 
Clear up at the end of each day 

Wall Preparation - internal 

Newly Plastered surfaces  
Primer/ undercoat, or a mist coat is always applied 
Not to Prime, the surface will mean the plaster will soak up any paint like a sponge, leading to unnecessary waste and excess use of paint. Paint will bubble and not adhere to the surface correctly 
Allow sufficient drying time 
Preparing old surfaces 
Sugar soap to clean the gaps and clear away dust 
Filling of holes or cracks with a proprietary filler to smooth the surface 
Once dried use fine sandpaper to rub and smooth down 
Hoover and wipe down any excess dust ready to receive redecoration 
Wallpapered Surfaces 
Scoring the wallpaper and soaking the walls for easy removal 
Clear the walls of old glue 
Steamers can be used on certain surfaces, however not advised on plasterboard 
Final clean down to clear residues with Sugar soap, leaving walls to fully dry out 


With old paintwork, strip or sand down and clean with sugar soap 
Repair any holes or cracks with proprietary wood filler 
We are also trained in the use of the Repair Care dry flex filler system to repair large defective woodwork or metal work 
If working with new wood apply several light coats of knotting solution or Zinsser BIN Shellac- Based Primer 
Sand and rub down 
Apply primer/undercoat ready for the topcoat 
Stage 1 
Stage 2 
Stage 3 


Ceilings can be trickier compared to other surfaces in the home 
A process needs to be followed similar to the preparation of other surfaces with the extra consideration if the following applies: 
Treat water stains or distemper with stain blockers appropriate for the problem 
Remove loose plaster caused by water pipe leakage and preparation for filling or re-plastering 
For old/uneven and stained ceilings, lining paper will be applied. At Infinity Homes Solutions we only use fiberglass lining paper which is extra strong, flexible, and the best for ceilings with these problems 
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